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These are the principles we''ve built our business on.

If you''re in need of accounting services, please give us a call. It would be our pleasure to apply our experience to your specific situation. At Focus Accountants Ltd, we specialise in Accounting solutions and consulting services for start-ups, small & medium sized businesses, sole proprietors and individuals.

 If you are looking for the following......?

An accountant that will look after your business to make your life easiser?

Fixed fees and installments to spread the cost, so you know exactly where you stand?

Who will work hard to minimise your tax?

Who provides quality of services with affordable prices?

Who is easy to talk and exlain you financial and non-financial data in plain and understandable language?

If so, please call us now. We will be happy to serve you. Call on 020 3784 0613, or email